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Dec 8, 2012 7:00am PST
will be fine. understanding how all this works and that the cliff is not a cliff and that the deficit is not going to go up. it is actually going to go down. those things are very important to understand, here, to see through the prism and get what's going on. >> congresswoman, i feel like the part that was so helpful to me about david's text as i've been sort of trying to think through this fiscal cliff, we often hear from elected leaders about kitchen table politics. we saw the president go to the kitchen table this week. these sort of kitchen table economics of how we are paying to subsidize these corporations does not seem to be part of the conversation happening in washington. >> you have a lot of congress people, especially on the democratic side, who realize the true meaning of what each and every one of us is paying for. i'll give you an example. carolyn maloney, right here, of new york, she authored the credit card bill of rights. i know because i was her number two. we pushed very hard to get this bill through. now, it could have been a lot harder. it started out a lot stron
Dec 2, 2012 7:00am PST
. what i heard you say, this deficit reduction, the economic questions, part of what i'm interested in, post '08 the conservative voices that emerge were the limbaughs and the glenn beck rather than elected leaders. what i'm wondering, is there a way in which elected republicans might help to move conservatism towards an actual conservatism as opposed to the social angst that we saw last time? >> i kind of reject the premise of the post '08. the most interesting development post '08 was something that you could not have predicted at this stage four years ago to the day, which is the rise of a pop list anti-government spending wing of the country and of the electorate. not anti-tax, anti-government spending. the tea party. you did get new voices talking in a different way. rand paul is not talking in the same way that a rick santorum or a newt gingrich has talked about. marco rubio doesn't talk. mike lee, there's a lot of different people who talk differently here. one question, chris christie is another. this class of 2010. that is an interesting wing. it's unclear whether that wing, i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2